May 30, 2024

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3 industry leaders sum up 2020


How would you sum up 2020 in 1 word?


Chrissie: In 1 word?


Storm: [gives a little laugh]


to start with believed is s***present, but obviously I just cannot say that.


Chrissie [gives a look of incredulity]


Storm: 1 phrase is “change.”


Tamon: The word that I would pick out would be “courage.”


Chrissie: “Testing.”


Storm: And why did I decide the word “change”?


Truthfully, the world and the men and women, including myself, we are not the identical


in the last few months and not even from a 12 months ago.


Our voices now are getting to be far more heard and louder, and the accountability is larger.


Chrissie: Tests of you, of your resilience,


of the pressure that you place on just one a further, and then exhibiting up and delivering on your claims.


Tamon: When you consider


about enterprises, the two huge and smaller, there was brave steps that individuals had to consider


on all fronts, sacrificing do the job, laying people off, generating really, seriously hard


conclusions. I consider it took a great deal of courage from a whole lot of men and women to do what was suitable


for the well being and basic safety of us as a society, but then also to do what is actually ideal by your loved ones.


Storm: Oftentimes the stories with


people today with disability, in terms of representation and inclusiveness, it will come from the lens of


absolutely abled and non-disabled folks who are writing the stories about us. And it is time


for us to reclaim our have stories and, and convey that in advertising and marketing and television and media and


technological know-how and in numerous industries, because the earth is continuing to evolve as we know it.


Chrissie: This has been a year that has analyzed


corporations, that has tested procedures, that has tested your particular person degree of grit.


And it has been rough and it will continue to be difficult.


Tamon: It was a yr that


took a great deal of braveness from, genuinely, everybody to band collectively and do what required to be done.