June 25, 2024

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5 media principles in the wake of COVID-19

1. Context, generally

Although this is a world pandemic, its effect is area. We’ve uncovered it helpful to have that considering into the evaluation of our marketing and advertising strategies. Our world teams are providing assistance centrally, but we’ve uncovered it is finest to belief every market to make selections domestically. In other phrases: direction from the center, but selections on the floor.

At a incredibly simple degree, we have crafted out a centralized, shared spreadsheet for all compensated and owned strategies across markets, so we can capture and find out from what is being resolved domestically. Each and every group all around the globe has access to this worksheet in genuine time.

A single case in point of what we’ve figured out from this shared context: As desire in news surges all around the globe, there are many a lot more advert impressions being served in the news category. We’re having to check with ourselves, “In what situations are we at ease placing our brand name alongside news information?” This discussion, and area nuance, has aided us make decisions, primarily all around the use of compensated social media. Local context is key.

Guiding problem: Is this campaign suitable, provided the latest context in a area market?