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Air Travel And Radiation Exposure Health Risks

Air Travel And Radiation Exposure {Health Risks}

Air Travel And Radiation Exposure Health Risks

Air Travel And Radiation

Air Travel And Radiation Exposure Health Risks
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A Closer Look At Air Travel & Radiation

I read an article about ✈ Air Travel and Radiation and was intrigued by what is referred to as 🚀 Cosmic Radiation.

It got me wondering if this form of radiation can be harmful to you over time, and whether frequent fliers and air crew should be concerned about this.

First, check out this brief, but informative 📹 video on air travel and cosmic radiation put together by – The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Radiation From Air Travel – YouTube Video

As you can see by the short video, we are actually exposed to very small amounts of 🌌 Cosmic Radiation during air travel. 

I had no idea and until reading about this, didn’t even know what Cosmic Radiation was or even heard about it. It wasn’t until this and doing some more research on the subject, before writing this article and viewing the video above.

Just what is this form of Radiation anyway? ❓

Read on! 🙂

A Closer Look At Cosmic Radiation

Cosmic Radiation

Radiation from air travel comes from cosmic radiation, or more commonly referred to as radiation from space.  Cosmic radiation is produced by the stars, including the Sun.

The radiation we receive when flying is a result of the naturally-occurring radiation coming from space. This is something we are actually exposed to each and everyday. 

Traveling at high altitudes makes us more vulnerable to this form of radiation, as it penetrates the aircraft.

The longer your flight is, the more cosmic radiation exposure you receive. This, along with other determining factors as explained in the video above.


The 📖 Centers for Disease Control & Prevention  believe that flight crew members are susceptible to higher amounts of cosmic radiation and for very obvious reasons.

“We are finding that some crew members may have exposure to cosmic radiation that is higher than what is recommended. These people may be at greater risk for possible health effects down the road.”

Effects Of Radiation & The Importance Of Glutathione


As you can see, air travel does expose us to small amounts of cosmic radiation. Over time, this will certainly help contribute to your bodies overall Oxidative Damage. It is the role of antioxidants that are needed to to repair this damage, and help rid our system of harmful free radicals.

Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body. This molecule in our body helps flush waste and toxins out of our system, or also known as free radicals.

When we reach the age of about 20, our bodies Glutathione levels begin to lessen. This is do to a number of contributing factors. 

Some of these factors include, but are not limited to;

Stress, Pollution, Injury, Medication, Diet, Radiation, Aging and Much More!

role of glutathione

Air Travel & Radiation Exposure – Diet

Air Canada Plane

When we fly and particularly on long haul flights, many of us suffer from sleep deprivation, and don’t always eat or drink properly. Now as I’ve learned, we are also exposed to low doses of cosmic radiation. 

All this contributes to additional free radicals or harmful oxidants developing in our bodies. Having depleted levels of Glutathione in our body, often results in illness.

We can certainly help our bodies replenish glutathione levels by eating a well balanced diet, but only to a certain amount. Depending on each individual’s overall health, way of life and the many contributing factors listed above, may not be sufficient.


We can certainly find Glutathione in vegetables like; asparagus, avocado, spinach and broccoli. As well; garlic, cauliflower, beets, cabbage, parsley are also known to contribute to Glutathione production.

Especially when we travel, we all know these vegetables are not always readily available.

As well, there may not be enough to replenish your bodies levels either. We need to keep these levels high to keep healthy and prevent overall illness.

This is where taking a quality Health Supplement containing this ingredient can be vitally important, especially when traveling.  

My family and I have been taking a world renowned patented health supplement daily now for years and with excellent results.
Final Thoughts Banner

I found this an interesting read, but if it really was a serious matter, I’m sure we would hear and know much more about Cosmic Radiation and its effects on individuals subjected to this on a constant basis. I’m quite sure pilots and flight attendants would be voicing their opinions more frequently.

A good read none the less!

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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✨   Did You Know …

“Air Travel Can Shed Up To 1 1/2 Litres Of Water From Your Body During An Average 3 Hour Flight.”


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