July 15, 2024

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Never say no to a booking opportunity

Never say no to a booking opportunity

Plug the gap on potential booking leakage and never say no to a booking opportunity by implementing some key Bookassist conversion tools.

Sold out dates? Never say no with Flexible Date Calendar

Bookassist’s Flexible Date Calendar removes a lot of friction from the booking process. Rather than forcing a booker to enter specific dates time and time again to check for availability, Flexible Date Calendar instead allows them to scroll availability over a 24 month calendar. And the scrolling is fast and easy, no constant waiting every time you click like other systems.

Similar to airline websites, prices, rooms and offers are all visible on the calendar. It also highlights the best offer of the day. This appeals to the many travellers who are looking for a good deal and are flexible in terms of when they travel. These more flexible bookers are less date sensitive and typically browse around more for good-value packages before committing to booking.

Hotels can choose to have Flexible Date Calendar appear by default or only after an unsuccessful date check. Either way your bookers will thank you for it!

flexible dates calendar 800px

Scroll 24 month calendar to see prices, rooms and offers 

Re-engage potential customers

We analysed usage of flexible dates across hundreds of Bookassist hotels and usage data shows a clear uplift in conversion opportunity.

Overall, 41% of visitors who were rejected due to unavailable dates in the “normal” booking process opted to switch to Flexible Date Calendar’s view to continue their booking. Without this option, these customers would likely have left the process – a lost opportunity. Now, they are re-engaging.

The bottom line is that Flexible Date Calendar is significantly raising re-engagement with hotel customers online, and is growing direct booking opportunities and conversion. This re-engagement behaviour results in significant recovered booking opportunities.

Sold out room types? Never say no with Intelligent Room Substitution

Intelligent Room Substitution (IRS) enables hotels to automatically substitute sold-out room types with available room types for both predefined lengths of stay and predefined periods. With IRS enabled in the Booking Engine, direct bookers are never presented with a sold-out message on their website when availability exists for other room types.

IRS 3night new

With the average length of stay lengthening, IRS is an invaluable tool for hotels to sell and convert these longer-stay bookings.

With IRS you’re never sold out until your last room is sold.

Every single booking counts in times of low demand and converting potentially lost bookings with the help of IRS could be the difference between surviving or not. The fact is, all barriers to booking should be removed in all circumstances. 

Make sure you are not missing conversion opportunities. Plug the gap on booking leakage. 

No Availability? Never say no with Alternative Hotels

If your hotel has no availability, Flexible Date Calendar is not the only tool here to help you. Bookassist’s Alternative Hotels feature allows you to choose  alternative hotels to display when yours is full, quickly and easily directing them from your Booking Engine to theirs.

Whether you’re a part of a hotel chain or group or simply have a good relationship with a hotel nearby, Alternative Hotels is perfect for you.

Alternative accomodation example v2

Always say yes with Vouchers  

You can always say yes with Vouchers. With Bookassist’s voucher solution you can offer a stay, an extra service or even just monetary credit as a voucher, with no constraints on dates of stay. 

Your customers can buy vouchers directly from your website, for themselves or someone special, and even choose to have the voucher delivered to that special person as a gift email. 

Christmas is coming, isn’t it? 

Tools without strategy are just tools

As a direct result of implementing these conversion solutions hotels can generate revenue which would otherwise have been lost. But, like everything, a tool is just a tool unless it is implemented as part of an informed direct booking strategy.

If you’re not currently working with Bookassist, but would like to hear more about the value we could drive for your business, simply contact us and a member of the team will be in touch soon!