May 18, 2024

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New ‘Fearless Hour’ Offers Courage for the Holidays

The first comprehensive episode of THE FEARLESS HOUR: A Time for Preserving Graces premieres on YouTube with a selection-display solution to the religious excellent of Courage

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up-to-date: Dec 18, 2020 08:00 EST

Whilst “Bravery” is not a standard blessing offered for the holidays, it could not be much more appropriate in the time of a raging pandemic and unprecedented social divisions in the U.S. That’s why the debut episode of a new video clip variety sequence showing up on YouTube, entitled THE FEARLESS HOUR: A Time for Preserving Graces, presents insight and inspiration on the “preserving grace” of Courage as Christmas 2020 ways.

The brainchild of author, unbiased publisher, and reserve agent D. Patrick Miller, THE FEARLESS HOUR extends a “religious but not religious” message from the literary medium to video clip. Co-hosted by Miller and Dr. Tameer Siddiqui, who just lately acquired her doctorate from the Chicago Faculty of Medical Psychology, the HOUR presents educated commentary, interviews with accredited authors and specialists, and some of the most effective unbiased musical expertise close to.

In the Courage episode now on the web, Dr. Tameer interviews Corinne Zupko, yet another psychological wellness company and award-profitable writer of FROM Panic TO Adore (by New Planet Library), even though Americana/jazz artist Carsie Blanton is showcased in a few pre-recorded films. Carsie’s to start with tune, “Buck Up,” is the direct track on an album that was named one particular of the 10 finest of 2019 by National Public Radio. Last but not least, the episode finishes with an audiovisual meditation featuring a effectiveness of the first music “Forests” by London musician Natasha Miren coupled to a photographic montage by producer Miller.

“As a journalist, creator, and publishing consultant, I’ve lined the increase of the religious-but-not-spiritual phenomenon for many years,” claims Miller, the founder of Fearless Textbooks & Literary Companies. “With Millennials and even youthful persons dropping out of church in droves, there has been a substantial increase in the proportion of American grown ups looking for non secular sustenance outside the confines of religious institutions. THE FEARLESS HOUR is my attempt to carry the ‘SBNR’ working experience to the energetic medium of online video, fairly than confining it to the boundaries of print or podcast. And as an alternative of arguing about spiritual beliefs of any sort, we will be discovering universal ‘saving graces’ like Bravery, Forgiveness, and Compassion.”

Back links to the pilot episode, the initial total ‘Courage’ episode and more data about THE FEARLESS HOUR can be discovered at Both of those small contributions and advertising and marketing Sponsorships are invited to sustain and increase the access of this unparalleled video enterprise.

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