New Line of Plant Based Sanitizers and Immune Support Skincare Developed and Distributed by Tucson, AZ Based Sia Botanics

With decades of encounter in the investigation and development of highly effective, highly acclaimed, purely

With decades of encounter in the investigation and development of highly effective, highly acclaimed, purely natural plant-based mostly skincare goods, Sia Botanics has expanded generation of their plant/mineral based mostly Drive Area line for Immune Guidance and has partnered with local distilleries to incorporate a sixty two% Ethyl Alcoholic beverages Hand Sanitizer to the line.

Push Launch

updated: Mar 27, 2020 thirteen:49 MST

Sia Botanics, a 10-yr-outdated corporation concentrated on the development and gross sales of purely natural skincare goods introduced today the increased generation and distribution of their purely natural, plant/mineral-based mostly skincare line that combines effective skincare formulation with elements developed to aid the immune system’s protective barrier versus virus and germs. The founder and president of Sia Botanics, Christina Mahar, pioneered the use of Sonoran Desert botanicals in Sia’s highly acclaimed “visibly effective” skincare line. In Mahar’s investigation, the combination of clinically established standard skincare elements with the inherent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of desert vegetation and crucial oils was commonly clear and grew to become far more so about the earlier ten years as several clients attested to the restoration of aged, sunlight-damaged skin.​

According to Mahar “Before the introduction of the Coronavirus, we were already working on generation of our new line of Sia Drive Area lotions/creams. Sia will launch the total line afterwards in the yr but is presently concentrating solely on the Protecting Hand Gel that supports the immune devices purely natural barrier versus viruses and germs and the immediate will need to make liquor hand sanitizer. Sia has partnered with local distilleries to generate a sixty two% Ethyl Alcoholic beverages hand sanitizer and will distribute this for as long as elements can be attained and there is a will need in the community. A part of the solution will be reserved solely for donating to health care workers.

“The Protecting Gel is a mix of elements that enable to moisturize, seal cracks and coat the fingers with no oily or sticky emotion. It also incorporates crucial oils and Silver Ion Citric Acid to aid the skin’s barrier to germs and viruses. Starting up with oregano oil – the strongest crucial oil anti-viral known – (see the investigation) we have added to this the powerful oil mix of Cinnamon, Lemon, Rosemary and Eucalyptus (interestingly, this mix was reportedly employed by grave robbers in the course of the bubonic plague and is what they assumed shielded them from acquiring ill). We have amplified the consequences of this mix by adding Silver Ion Citric Acid, Peppermint and Lavender for their reported action versus germs, microbes and microbes.”

Sia Botanics will get started taking on the net orders at first from their present clients across the US and then as generation capabilities allow for, will begin satisfying on the net order by way of their web-site. These goods are not supposed to diagnose, handle or treatment any disorder. 

About Sia Botanics

The record that led to the generation of Sia Botanics is as special as the Sonoran Desert, from wherever the elements originate that make up Sia’s purely natural, scent and chemical-cost-free skincare goods.

Established in 2010 by Christina Mahar, Sia Botanics (tel 520-369-4663), a girl-owned, operated and staffed corporation, is the fruition of 20-five years’ encounter in the development and formulation of purely natural skincare goods for several nicely-known businesses across the U.S.

Sia Botanics’ providing features a total line of visibly effective skincare goods like cleansers, toners & exfoliants, masks & serums, lotions & creams – and now added to this, the timely Sia Botanics Drive Area line that supports the immune system’s protective barrier versus viruses, microbes and germs.

Source: Sia Botanics LLC