Breaking Travel News investigates: Rotana president Guy Hutchinson offers Ramadan message | Focus

Person Hutchinson, main govt of Rotana, has issued a assertion outlining his hopes for the long term of the hospitality field in the wake of the existing Covid-19 pandemic.

He praised the governments in the Center East, frontline health care professionals and other important workers for their decisive response to the world wide disaster, and urged the community to adhere to social distancing pointers throughout the holy thirty day period of Ramadan.

Get a search at his views down below.

The holy thirty day period is a time for togetherness, sharing and aiding other folks. As we celebrate the arrival

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Breaking Travel News investigates: Will German hotel market be first to begin Covid-19 recovery? | Focus

As officers in Germany start out a tentative reopening in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, HVS director Arlett Hoff right here traces the spread pandemic and assesses how the county could possibly bounce again from its effect

The 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have achieved Germany on January twenty seventh, when the 1st Covid-19 scenario introduced in by a Chinese visitor at Webasto was confirmed and contained near Munich, Bavaria. The bulk of scenarios in January and early February originated from the headquarters of a motor vehicle sections manufacturer there. On February twenty fifth-twenty sixth, many scenarios linked

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Breaking Travel News investigates: How Spanish hospitality might recover from coronavirus | Focus

With the first chinks of light being seen in the Spanish battle against the coronavirus pandemic, Sophie Perret, senior director with HVS, here examines how two key tourism destinations might begin to recover from its impact

Half of all global tourism arrivals historically come to Europe; and, within Europe, Spain enjoys a disproportionate share of this visitation, with more than 80 million visiting the country yearly. While the Covid-19 pandemic ravages Europe and takes a particularly heavy toll in Spain, it is important to evaluate how the reliance of this country on international visitation might shape the recovery of its

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Breaking Travel News investigates: Coronavirus recovery must start now | Focus

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to severely hamper the global hospitality industry, Jamaica minister of tourism Edmund Bartlett here explains the recovery must start now if the damage is not to be permanent

The Caribbean Public Health Agency recently upgraded the risk of transmission of Covid-19 to the Caribbean region to ‘very high’. The projection is now that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Caribbean economies could be worse than that of the 2008 global recession. The tourism sector is likely to be the hardest hit of all the major economic sectors in the region.

Before the full onslaught

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Why Traveling With a Legit ESA Should be Allowed | Focus

Why Traveling With a Legit ESA Should be Allowed

Approximately 40% of travellers experience anxiety when traveling by air. Of this group, about 60% can cope without support. About 5% have crippling anxiety, often referred to as clinical anxiety, and need an emotional support animal (ESA) to be as comfortable as possible during a journey. Without the support, travelers suffering from anxiety experience uncontrollable nausea, shortness of breath, and sweaty hands. Getting an ESA is the most viable solution for such travelers. 

People experiencing travel anxiety need a distraction
Although most people turn to their pets, primarily cats and dogs, for comfort, there’s a lot of confusion about ESA

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