Now Is Time to Prepare for Travel Recovery

At this time, there are numerous uncertainties for both of those the tourists and the vacation trade professionals in unique. Will leisure consumers be keen to vacation this summer months? Will corporate consumers be in a position to return to their former vacation patterns? What will be their journey fascination soon after the confinement interval? Journey organizations are receiving ready for the vacation restoration post-Covid-19.

There have been numerous months of the lockdown and while nobody understands the actual day of the resumption, it is obvious that it must be expected. Being ready will be 1 of the tricks for

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The Travel Institute President: Prepare for Eventual Industry Rebound

In an open letter to the industry, Diane Petras, president of The Travel Institute says travel professionals must prepare for an eventual industry rebound. The good news: Petras says she is encouraged by the recent high demand from travel advisors looking to further their education, noting a 29 percent increase in April-to-date of advisors enrolling in certification courses and with a significant number of additional advisors seeking extensions. The Travel Institute also reports an 11 percent increase in April attendance for its complimentary webinars versus year-to-date and more than 1,000 new subscribers to its weekly micro-learning piece since mid-March.

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