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Top Luxury Travel Trends for 2023 – The 5 Star Luxury Hotel Community

Top Luxury Travel Trends for 2023 – The 5 Star Luxury Hotel Community

If 2022 was about the triumphant return of travel, 2023 is about creatively reinventing it. During the pandemic, we have prioritized what is important to us in life. And it has changed the way we travel. In fact, tourists are now increasingly interested in “healthy” travel.

Recently, new trends have emerged in the field of tourism, which will determine the travel preferences of adventurers in 2023.

Let’s take a look at the expected travel trends for the next year.

Wellness retreats

2023 will bring even more growth in wellness travel. Travelers are interested in vacations that focus on mindfulness, meditation, health, and spirituality. That is why wellness retreats will be a more common choice.

More and more people are looking for unusual activities to try. Water therapy by bathing in the forest, chakra therapy, puppy yoga, and laughter therapy are just a few examples.

Instead of returning from vacation feeling exhausted, wellness retreats allow travelers to return home well-rested.

In search of tranquility and pleasure

Vacations are a great way to relax, but in 2023, many travelers plan to do more than relax. They also plan to take care of their bodies and souls.

More travelers than ever want to go on a trip where they can focus on mental and physical health. In many hotels, it’s now possible to book treatments for different health issues.

Interestingly, adventurers are also more interested in erotic vacations, which allow them to discover new sexual interests.

Embracing the unknown

When you find a place you enjoy going to, you may be tempted to return there again and again. But in 2023, travelers plan to change their habits.

According to a study by Booking.com, nearly three-quarters of the more than 24,000 travelers surveyed (73%) want to visit places outside their comfort zone. Moreover, 30% are planning trips to obscure cities to discover new and exciting destinations.

Of those who took part in this survey, 38% want to experience an extraterrestrial culture shock and go in search of UFOs. This may increase the number of visitors to places known for these kinds of activities, such as Roswell, New Mexico.

Autonomous travel

For many travelers, the ideal trip means spending time by a crackling fireplace, miles away from the nearest microchip.

Many adventurers are now ready to disconnect from their mobile devices and get back closer to nature. People are looking for a vacation that allows them to get away from reality. Unplugging from everything and everyone is the new goal.

For this reason, camping, guided eco-tours, and “glamping” will continue to grow in popularity. Adventurers will also be interested in learning survival skills, such as making a fire or finding food.

Travelers return to pre-planning

There has never been such a rush to book flights and hotels. In response to this growing demand, travelers are now booking their trips on average 58 days in advance for domestic hotel trips and 80 days in advance for international trips.

Travel for culture shock

Many of us stick to a specific routine in life, including when traveling. But, in a way, the pandemic has made us tired of having the same routines. That’s why many adventurers will want to experience culture shock in 2023.

More travelers are ready to discover new cultures. Instead of vacationing at an all-inclusive resort, adventurers want to be pushed out of their comfort zone on their next trip.

According to several surveys, people now want to taste new foods, learn new languages, and travel to underrated destinations worldwide.

Hotels on the water

So what will change in the hotel industry? As sea levels rise, developers focus on building on the water. The advantage of water architecture is the 360-degree view of the sea and the ability to be mobile.


Regarding loyalty programs, points and air miles start to seem outdated. Cryptocurrencies and the metaverse are now opening up new ways to connect with consumers.

The luxury travel industry has already begun experimenting with NFTs. Many companies use them as a delivery system for prestige perks.

Spontaneous travel

Thanks to the freedom that remote work offers, spontaneous travel is getting momentum. In 2023, travelers will become even more spontaneous since people are more likely to choose to travel based on word of mouth.

Data from over a dozen countries showed that 39% of tourists worldwide booked, and 66% considered a trip to a destination they learned about from a TV show or movie. Interestingly, the picturesque hills of New Zealand and rural British estates were the most common choice.

Traveling to places on your wish list

In 2023, travelers are ready to splurge on trips from their wish lists. Many people have realized that life is too short. You shouldn’t put your dreams on hold! For this reason, many are willing to spend more for a long-awaited trip.

Nostalgia journeys

Over the past couple of years, the pop culture world has started to indulge in nostalgia, with the 80s and 90s coming back into fashion. A similar trend in the travel industry awaits us in 2023. In fact, many people plan to go on a nostalgia trip.

Among the most popular nostalgia travel destinations are Palm Springs, Miami, New York City, Venice, Cornwall, Paris, and Berlin.

Nostalgic journeys also mean traveling together with the whole family. That is why Disneyland and other theme parks are expected to be even more popular.

End notes

Travel restrictions and coronavirus testing are a thing of the past! In most parts of the world, it is now once again possible to explore freely. Regardless of the destination, travel in 2023 will involve overcoming routine and seeking unique experiences.

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