November 29, 2023

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Tourism Campaigns Focus on the Positive

As the pandemic continues to hold down industries and nations, tourism across the world is reacting to the pandemic’s effect on the industry and sending messages to their visitors all around the world. Smart Destination Organizations often use the time of reduced demand and promote their destination, intensify communication with customers, building on their interest – in short, they shape the clients’ wishes with the future in mind.

Rather than sulk over the fact that they cannot have their guests come in and experience their tourist sites, a number of countries have chosen to reach out to their visitors through tourism campaigns, sensitize them about what is important right now, and remind them of the beauties that await them after the pandemic.

While most destinations have decided to remain mute about the travel restrictions put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus, others have chosen this time to share love and care, ease tension and uplift people’s spirit, while being conscious enough to land prospective customers in future times. 

Let’s look at some countries where tourism campaigns are pushing the right agenda and sharing goodwill messages.

Switzerland: “Be Safe, Stay Home”

Switzerland goes as far as upgrading to a 3D montage of locations and events that were filmed in different parts of the country. With the features available to their campaign, one can take in the beauty of the waterfall at Brienz, listen to the sound of cowbells and experience other beauties in the state. 

With interactive and engaging options, travelers have the opportunity to explore Switzerland’s distinct regions at different times of the year. There is also a short, heart-warming video on YouTube reminding travelers to be safe by staying at home.


South Africa: “Forfeit Today’s Travel, So You Can Travel Tomorrow”

Recently, South Africa’s tourism is discouraging a lot of people from traveling across the globe swiftly via Instagram videos due to the strict lockdown that most countries are facing.

Scenes of lonely streets, noiseless roads, and abandoned buildings, the educative video consistently reminds the travelers of the essence of staying home while “humanity takes its stand” against the virus. 

UK: “Bringing Britain to You”

As visitors and lovers of the United Kingdom have worried about its capacity to handle the pandemic that is rapidly growing within its borders, Britain has fun and beauty to deliver in its social media posts and even a Spotify playlist. 

With witty social media posts put together by the ‘Visit Britain’ team, you get more than a tiny piece of Britain; you have fun, pleasure, and engagement all in one.

The tourism campaign creatively puts together savvy posts sharing some of British’s traditional recipes, to resolving arguments of how some words are pronounced in Britain and delivering good vibes in the midst of the pandemic.

Portugal: “Can’t Skip Hope”

Portugal chose optimism in its emotional Instagram campaign that dwells on the importance of maintaining social distancing and isolating in these times, even though we were once free to travel the world without restriction. 

The emotional part of this campaign lies in the message that asks people to think and reflect on everyone without having to meet them; that way, we all stay safe.

UAE: “The World Is More at Peace Now”

Starting up the video with a quote “The world is more at peace now”, the emirate last week encouraged people to slow things down and stay home at this time. 

For Abu Dhabi, peace and hope are being communicated as a culture and tourism department shared a video showcasing the beauty of UAE’s capital city with mind-blowing photographs.  

For prospective guests, Abu Dhabi sends a message that lets them know that after this phase, the city would be ready to bid them a warm welcome.

It’s essential to note that Abu Dhabi is not the only location that authorities in charge of tourism are on their toes to ensure that most challenges that these industries face are sorted out, and the bright sides are shone through these dark times.


Mexico: “We Are the Greatest Coincidence”

Mexico’s ‘Love You Soon’ video starts on a somber note but gradually ends on an uplifting one. 

The tag ‘we are the greatest coincidence, the greatest casualty’ sends a message that perhaps goes past the coronavirus pandemic and gives an insight into the border problems that have plagued the country for the past few years. 

The message inspires travelers to see each other as one in these times and promises that we will celebrate at the end of the pandemic as it closes with uplifting visuals and scenes filmed from all around Mexico.

Norway: “Dream Now, Visit Later”

Norway’s website opens up with the message, “Sorry, the country isn’t available for unnecessary travel at the moment” but while that might seem a bit harsh or unfriendly, they go further to appeal to the visitor’s ability to imagine and dream of all the things they can do when Norway opens up again to visitors. 

Conversation and reminiscing are also encouraged as travelers are directed to share their experiences from visiting Norway while they look forward to another such opportunity. 

As travelers share their experiences and hopes for their next visit, people are drawn to anticipate the reopening of Norway’s tourism. 

As countries continue to fight the coronavirus pandemic with hopes of conquering it, tourism is making a bold statement “we are not dying, we are only on hold”. Visitors likewise can only hope for the best as we all weather this storm and wait for sunshine on the other side.