December 11, 2023

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Want to go on a luxury vacation? Seven reasons why you should book a sailing holiday | Focus

Want to go on a luxury vacation? Seven reasons why you should book a sailing holiday

Taking a break from our busy lives is something we all enjoy doing, at least once, in a while. But often we tend to do it wrong. Like going on a safari when our body deserves an all-inclusive beach time and spa after the long year it’s had. It is not inaccurate to say that many a time, we give ourselves less fun than we truly deserve.

Not that we intend to, though, we just find ourselves doing that which we know best.

But this doesn’t have to continue anymore.

Because at the end of this post, you’ll have discovered how to give yourself the perfect vacation treat.
And what better way is there to enjoy a fascinating luxe holiday than via a sailing holiday?

Here are some of the top reasons why you should book a sailing holiday and not a hotel holiday on your next vacation.

Sailing vacation gives you the ultimate freedom
When you book a sailing holiday, you’ll always be offered the sort of freedom that cannot be matched anywhere. Not that a hotel will restrict your movements when you book an all-inclusive luxury hotel vacation, but the kind of freedom that comes with sailing is just mind-blowing.

For instance, if you don’t fancy the sight of the beach you wake up to in the morning, you can always pull up the anchor and sail away to a different beach nearby. Want to go into a quieter surrounding, because the current island is too crowded for you? You need not worry. You can always drop off the mooring lines and head to a more serene and exciting location. Trust me; there is always one just around the corner.

Unlike in a hotel where you’re always limited to the facilities in that particular hotel, a sailing vacation permits you to move about at your own pace.

A chance to explore to the fullest
While you’re always limited to those parks, sights, and sceneries around your luxury hotel when you book an all-inclusive hotel holiday, a sailing vacation gives you the chance to explore plenty of villages and islands all in one holiday.

For instance, a week sailing trip from Athens to Corfu in Greece will have you go through the rich history and elegant dinners of Athens, Nautical and Historical Museum at Galaxidi, stunning neoclassical architectural views, and several picturesque ports.

Enjoy the smooth waters of the Ionian sea, bask in the charms of the ancient ruins, and breathtaking harbor villages at Ithaki. Here, you will also learn about the epic history of Odysseus, explore the magical Spring of Arethousa, and see firsthand the cave of the Nymph.

Unending adventure
Many people that book sailing holidays do so because of the promise of unending adventures. And guess what? They are never disappointed. Every day on a sailing holiday is always a new adventure. And depending on your choice, you can choose to stay back a couple of days at a stunning bay or port, learning about histories, taking plenty of insta-friendly selfies, and basking in the enthralling sights you find there. But if you’re an adventure enthusiast, then you can decide to sail away every morning to a different village, island, or port. The adventures are limitless, so the choice is always yours!

Sailing holidays can be fun, relaxing and refreshing
Sailing itself is always a fun thing to do and an effective way of spending the summer holidays. As such, you can keep sailing every day and taking in all the fun. But on other days, you might not feel all juiced-up for sailing. On those kinds of days, you can just sun lounge on your yacht charter Greece deck and spend some quality “me-time” reading books, magazines, watching the turquoise blue waters, or just relaxing with your sunglass in place (another picturesque posture; you must have seen it in movies). 

Free swimming and beach time
For all the fun that a hotel holiday promises you, you’re always going to pay to spend time in the pool, if that hasn’t been included in your package already.
Alternatively, you can choose to go to a beach close to your hotel, but even this doesn’t come for cheap.

However, when you book a sailing holiday, all of these come for free. You can always choose to jump straight from bed to sea every morning if that’s what pleases you. Or anytime during the day. And all the time having the beach to yourself without summer crowds.

Best time and place for summer sports
If you’re a big fan of water sports, then a sailing holiday is even more vital for you. Do you like sports like Stand Up paddling, Kayaking, Kite surfing, free diving, or skiing? If so, then a sailing holiday is the perfect vacation for you.

All your watersport gears are always loaded on the yacht you charter and ready to use anytime. And if you’re even lucky to get the best yacht charter Greece service to hire, you will have the opportunity to enjoy access to other non-common sporting gears.

Yoga up and relax
Never forget to bring your yoga mat to a sailing holiday because the deck of the sailing yacht is always a perfect place for yoga and meditation. Breathe, relax, enjoy, and take in every moment.