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Divided by up to 1000’s of miles but intimately related by screens that give home windows into just about every other’s worlds, creators have invited viewers to get element in their each day pursuits through “with me” videos for almost a ten years.

The titles of these videos give invitations: “Get Completely ready With Me,” “Pack With Me,” “Workout with me” We can do all of this together!

Digital online video revolutionized media by letting anybody make and facilitating a two-way romantic relationship concerning creators and viewers (through feedback). A single novel outgrowth of that revolution has been “with me” videos. This new kind of material, designed on sharing the mundane, frequently isolating encounters of people’s daily lives, is informational, inspirational, and most amazingly, communal. Everyday duties make it possible for connections — concerning creators and viewers, but also concerning creators. In other phrases, undertaking items by itself together can be the basis of a local community.

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sights of “with me” trends featured in this piece due to the fact 2007

The earliest “with me” videos developed from in just the burgeoning natural beauty local community all over 2010. These “get all set with me” videos were being fundamentally lengthy-sort tutorials set to songs, in the course of which people today performed their daily make-up routines from start off to finish, sped up to make them far more digestible. By 2011, people today had started speaking in the course of their “get all set with me” videos, and “get all set with me” videos commenced to morph from tutorial to motor vehicle for creators to converse with audiences.

The online video format even more developed in unpredicted means. “Get all set with me” videos for one of a kind occasions commenced to emerge. Prom, first day of university, church — if you can think of an action, a “get all set with me” most likely exists for it. “With me” before long grew outside of natural beauty, too, as creators and audiences commenced collaborating in other shared interests and pursuits through online video. Many of these pursuits were being items one particular may ordinarily do on one’s personal, so these “with me” videos designed group pursuits out of what had been lonely, person pursuits.

These new “with me” videos slide into a couple of broad categories, just about every possessing its personal properties.

Let us get a nearer glance at the three greatest “with me” categories.

Everyday Tasks

These videos reflect the mundane rituals that viewers have to complete by themselves. As with videos concentrating on productiveness, each day duties can be motivators to deal with chores that seeing videos can normally be a distraction from carrying out!

“Get all set with me” videos are the OG format of this style. They use the each day job of placing on make-up as a motor vehicle for creators to chat with their viewers in an casual location.

Cleaning a room is an action you’d have a challenging time coercing anyone to be a part of, but “clean with me” videos have gained millions of sights as a motivational/how-to hybrid for viewers.

Anyone who has ever questioned how other people today come to a decision what to things in their suitcases can indulge in “pack with me” videos, which give the voyeuristic thrill of viewing how anyone else would make the similar selections that we all have to make when prepping for journey.


With a slant on duties that support people today raise their particular productiveness, these videos get incredibly particular acts and make them community, offering viewers a drive and a implies for collaborating in individuals acts.

“Plan with me” videos are the cornerstone of a particular productiveness local community on YouTube. In these videos, creators chat through the design and entry of items in their planners.

“Journal with me” videos are very similar to “plan with me” videos, but “journal with me” videos have even far more of an emphasis on journal design.

“Study with me” videos just present creators learning, and they amass large audiences whose viewership peaks in the course of the university year and drops off in the course of breaks. These videos give drive and inspiration for an action that can be challenging to start off.


These videos discover the act of development, irrespective of whether it’s generating a drawing or generating a make-up glance, and invite viewers in on the act of generating anything from practically nothing.

Producing artwork can be an inherently solitary action. “Draw with me” videos and livestreams invite other folks into the procedure, and viewers receive the benefit of viewing a preferred artist make anything from start off to finish.

“Paint with me” videos share a great deal in widespread with “get all set with me” videos. While the viewer watches the viewer assemble an graphic together, creators use these videos as an chance to chat to their audiences.

Folks have fashioned lengthy-length connections with strangers due to the fact very well just before the Web. Through this fashionable twist on a vintage interest, people today invite viewers to participate in the crafty development of letters to pen pals.

Close to The Earth With Me

Taking part in distinctive pursuits with me through online video is a all over the world phenomenon. In South Korea, “study with me” goes by the name “Gongbang” or “study broadcast.” The Korean channel Iruda commenced streaming study periods in 2019 and will get 1000’s of sights for each session. South Korea also gave us “mukbang,” videos in which viewers are invited to share in the ingesting of a food.

Viewers who discuss Spanish are far more common with “conmigo” material like “limpia conmigo,” which English speakers would acknowledge as “clean with me.” Many of the most-seen “limpia conmigo” videos come from Chula, who is dependent in Los Angeles but seen across the Spanish-talking environment.

Translations are not essential. For illustration, videos with “get all set with me” in the title amass millions of sights a year in Germany. German creator Dagi Bee often uploaded “get all set with me” videos as she amassed over four million subscribers.

No matter if it’s cooking, cleansing, learning, or crafting a letter to a pen pal, “with me” videos represent the transformation of some of the loneliest duties we complete into possibilities for relationship. Creators morph these mundane duties into creative expressions and connect with viewers wanting for drive, inspiration, or potentially some other sensation of solidarity. In undertaking so, they counsel that there are far more means for human beings to connect than we previously recognized.


We analyzed a assortment of videos that contained the phrase “with me” in the title. Immediately after excluding songs videos (e.g., Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me”), we decided which phrases were being most normally paired with the phrase “with me,” such as “draw,” “study,” “travel,” and so forth.

We then calculated the month-to-month sights for just about every category of “with me” videos, due to the fact 2007 to current day.