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A Portable Battery Pack for Electric Cars

Press Release

updated: Jun 27, 2021 03:00 CDT

A new marketing campaign on Kickstarter aims to produce a universal moveable battery pack to lengthen the array of electric powered vehicles.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/edolly/a-portable-charger-for-electric powered-autos?ref=consumer_menu

Electric cars are getting to be a lot more common each working day even so, the latest assortment of most electric powered automobiles is below 300 miles per demand. As a result, a solitary whole cost could not be ample for a vacation inside of the very same state. For example, dependent on routes & unique places, i.e., Galveston to Frisco, TX…approx 325-350 miles, Laredo to Dallas, TX 435-455 miles… El Paso to San Antonio, TX… approx 551-576 miles. Charging an electrical vehicle can acquire as very little as 30 minutes or additional than 12 several hours. This depends on the size of the battery and the pace of the charging stage. There are not ample quickly-charing stations in the nation additionally, if the driver finds a charging station, the excursion from Galveston to Dallas can be increased by another hour to the journey for every leg. Also, a traveler could not uncover an out there charging station at the hotel.

This invention seeks to be a moveable charger, so a traveler can hire it at position (A) and supply it to the place issue (B). Furthermore, the traveler can lease it and demand the motor vehicle at his/her spot if a fast charger is not available. So, this creation delivers a answer to a person of the major objections to buying an EV.

Source: E-dolly