June 21, 2024

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How ad tech experts accelerate transformation

Prioritize strategic partnerships

“Making better use of data usually requires working with folks outside of your organization who have specialized skills. We regularly see websites that are tracked by two or three different analytics platforms and have dozens of other marketing tags, which can lead to inefficiency. Truth be told, the value of these tools is not always straightforward. It’s important to ask: Do we need all of this? How can we actually consolidate everything into a single platform, versus a ‘frankenstack’ that uses dozens of so-called solutions? As a strategic partner, we’re helping marketers answer these questions, cut licensing costs when necessary, and limit waste.”

Michael Loban, Chief Growth Officer at InfoTrust

“Lean into media agencies to help you identify trusted data and technology partners. I think this is where media agencies bring unique value to brands: by helping them develop the right relationships with trusted technology partners. These partnerships have become increasingly complex in the past few years, as many regions and countries have adopted their own privacy regulations. Media agencies stay on top of this evolving landscape and help ensure that brands know what’s legally sound across different markets, as well as what consumers in those markets are most comfortable with. This is critical knowledge that provides a safe environment for clients to get the most out of their data.”

Sarah Walker, Chief Business Strategy Officer at Essence

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