January 28, 2023

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Manchester Airport statement on flights over Knutsford

A Recent maximize in the amount of passenger planes getting off from Manchester Airport and flying over Knutsford has been stated.

In a post on social media, the airport was requested by a member of the general public to remark on the apparent raise in planes taking off above the city ‘all day and night’.

A spokesman for the airport took the time to demonstrate why they may have seen an raise in new times.

Manchester Airport tweeted: “Like all airports we operate according to weather conditions situations, principally wind direction.

“To guarantee protected operations, plane fly into the wind.

“Through easterly winds, flight styles are reversed with plane departing to the north-east and arriving from the south-west.

“We hope this facts is practical to you and points out why you may well be seeing additional flights taking off above Knutsford at the second.”