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Mashvisor Names the 10 Locations With the Highest Airbnb Occupancy Rate in 2019

These ten U.S. serious estate markets observed the best proportion of booked evenings on Airbnb in 2019

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updated: Jan 30, 2020 twenty:00 EST

Today, Mashvisor, a serious estate knowledge analytics corporation, announced the ten U.S. serious estate markets that professional the best Airbnb occupancy rate past yr. The listing is headed by Celebration, FL, which witnessed an normal occupancy rate for brief-expression rentals booked by Airbnb of 73.{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9} in 2019. Celebration, FL, is adopted by Honolulu, Hi, with a rate of 71.two{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9} and Albany, CA, with a rate of 71.1{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9}.

Ten Places with the Highest Airbnb Occupancy Charge in 2019

  1. Celebration, FL: 73.{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9}
  2. Honolulu, Hi: 71.two{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9}
  3. Albany, CA: 71.1{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9}
  4. San Francisco, CA: 71.1{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9}
  5. Mill Valley, CA: 69.7{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9}
  6. Los Angeles, CA: sixty eight.7{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9}
  7. Lakewood, CO: sixty eight.{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9}
  8. Richmond, CA: 67.6{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9}
  9. Flagstaff, AZ: 67.1{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9}
  10. Vital West, CA: sixty six.5{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9}

Mashvisor, primarily based in the Bay Place, calculates the Airbnb occupancy rate as the proportion of real evenings booked above the total number of evenings for which a listing was built readily available by the host above the past 12 months. The town-amount rates are calculated as the normal benefit for all Airbnb listings that had been energetic in the town during the researched period of time. All calculations are primarily based on knowledge from the home-sharing platform Airbnb.

Mashvisor has analyzed the performance of Airbnb listings throughout all U.S. markets to deliver this listing, which focuses on towns with a least of 100 energetic listings.

Mashvisor highlights the truth that the Condition of California hosts the biggest number of the busiest Airbnb towns. Six of the major ten markets are situated in California. The Condition of Florida arrives second with two towns: Celebration, which heads the listing, and Vital West, at placement number ten.

Peter Abualzolof, Co-Founder and CEO of Mashvisor, commented, “Considering that the founding of Airbnb in 2008, the home-sharing sector has grown at an unparalleled rate. Many vacationers decide on this lodging form above regular hotels. So it is only natural that the most preferred enterprise and vacationer destinations, which includes California and Florida, will working experience the best Airbnb occupancy rates.

Abualzolof also reminded serious estate investors who are intrigued in Airbnb rental houses that quite a few of these busiest spots encounter rigid brief-expression rental rules and polices. As a result, investors have to check with the means presented by the local authorities in just about every town and county prior to generating an financial investment decision.

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