November 29, 2023

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Selling Luxury: Anne Scully, President, McCabe World Travel (Podcast)

Welcome to Selling Luxury, the podcast manufactured by the editors of Luxury Travel Advisor. This series conjures up and educates travel advisors who want to enter the luxury arena and provides terrific insights for those people advisors who are presently productive in this area of interest.

Ruthanne Terrero, VP and editorial director of Luxury Travel Advisor, in this episode chats with Anne Scully, president of McCabe World Travel, who discusses strategies to preserve terrific consumer interactions.

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According to Scully, a travel is hardly distinctive than an creator. “I in fact believe that that a terrific travel advisor is a biographer of their purchasers existence stories by way of travel,” she says. And, by that, she relates an advisor obtaining to know the consumer to a reader obtaining to know the people in the beginning of the e-book, but then the character has to develop—as does a travel advisor’s marriage with his or her purchasers.

With just about every excursion becoming a distinctive chapter in the e-book, advisors must constantly be studying about their purchasers but also scheduling a prolonged-term approach to their travel so the story—the client’s existence in travel—is cohesive.

When studying about a consumer at the beginning of a marriage, Scully says it is significant to request open-ended inquiries. And, after just about every excursion they consider, Scully usually asks if there was one thing the consumer could transform about the excursion, what would it be. It assists enhance just about every excursion they e-book later on.

Just take a hear to hear what else Anne Scully has to say about retaining purchasers, becoming a storyteller and becoming upfront about benefits that you get your purchasers. 

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