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Oradea is a tourist town that, together with Baile Felix, is a tourist magnet for tens of thousands of tourists. Oradea is the city that, from an economic point of view, experienced one of the most important socio-economic developments in the country and obviously in this part of it. From this point of view, Oradea now competes on an equal footing with Timișoara, the city on the Bega considered intangible from this point of view years ago. Hundreds of accommodation units are being prepared, starting with almost new and more beautiful guesthouses, along with hotels and other accommodation units.

Tourism has meant more lately in Oradea than the Felix thermal baths. Other beaches around the city or even in the city have appeared and have as their profile treatments and relaxation in geothermal water. Oradea uses this water for heating homes. Oradea developed its infrastructure and other ring roads appeared that decongested road traffic in the city. Local officials granted facilities for investors and this was immediately felt in the development of the city, pedestrian areas, bridges over Crișul Repede and many others were set up.

Oradea is the Romanian city that has attracted the most European funds per inhabitant, and by 2020 another tens of millions of euros will be spent from the European Union, mostly non-reimbursable funds. Oradea being a transit city across the border with Hungary and close to Debrecen, a city in the neighboring country with an important airport in the area. Residents and tourists cannot even describe the changes that have taken place in Oradea.

In Oradea you have many tourist attractions to visit, cazare oradea, pensiuni oradea is one of the few cities in the country that has a fortress right in the city. Other tourist attractions. Zion Synagogue, Union Square, Black Eagle Palace or Moon Church, Administrative Palace, Ciuperca Hill, Calea Republicii. Oradea has public transport with a highly developed network and numerous routes. Bihor County has some fascinating areas, some even very close to the city. If you are in Oradea, I recommend you to eat local specialties. You will have a pleasant memory spending a stay or a vacation. We are waiting for you to spend a vacation in Oradea.

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