May 19, 2024

Eurocean 2004

Life is an adventure

What does diversity mean? – Think with Google


Tara McKenty: Range is in essence variety of views and change.


You never essentially need to have to have inherent


So what you are born with you can also carry obtained variety, which is anything at all that


form of alterations your standpoint of the environment.


Mike Warner: I have a thought of variety that is genuinely simplistic.


When I was a child, I made use of to like to shade, and there would be a box of crayons that experienced


But then, there was one that 16, and, oh boy, there was a 32.


And never permit me get to that 128.


I was like, oh, I’m heading to be a grasp artist.


Why wouldn’t you want the 128?


It gives you extra prospect to make a higher tapestry, a higher image, a higher tale.

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Andrea Diquez: I feel variety: everybody goes to race at times, and it is not only

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race — it is females with toddlers, it is one moms, it is females of shade.

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It’s adult males, adult males from other nations, other cultures.


You just have to determine out how to produce the natural environment for all people to prosper, from


where ever they are from, or from what ever race they are from, or where ever they are.


If you produce that natural environment, it is fairly easy.


Kimberlee Wells: Range for me, fairly basically, is about pinpointing the variations.


We are so brief to choose, but we are only at any time judging the address.


And that has to improve.


An government shot of five adult males would get ridiculed by the marketplace.


But what if people five adult males have totally different stories?


What if one man was really a 3rd-technology Afghan refugee.


What if, in that image, there is a further man that has a understanding disability?


But just due to the fact he seems to be like the man that is following to him, they are deemed to all


See the man or woman, not the label, and acquire time to pay attention to the man or woman and to get to know

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Tara McKenty: Basically what we do is we produce creative perform, solutions, and platforms


for a cross segment of society, but we have a homogenous creative departments that are not


reflective of our audiences.

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We need to in essence have creative departments that are reflective of the similar audiences


that we are creating for.