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Exciting things to see and do in Mbabane – Mountain Inn

Exciting things to see and do in Mbabane – Mountain Inn

Located in the kingdom of ESwatini and being one of the oldest towns there, the city of Mbabane is also the capital since 1902. Another amusing fact about this city is that it is home to one of Africa’s important landmarks-this is elaborated further as you read- and grips a great experience even on a typical day. Now, shifting from the miniature history lesson let us dive in a little deeper with what makes Mbab’ City, THE CITY.

Exciting things to see and do in Mbabane – Mountain Inn

The Albert Millin.- Mbabane

Endibanweni – ‘The Meeting Space’

This all round innovative and creative space oozes of nothing but artistic aura. The room’s interior, designed to accommodate three different styles, and is great for an afternoon read. The space has also been used as a thinking space and hub. The wall is graced with multiple pieces strictly by local artists, and for this reason, Endibanweni is a must visit for anyone.

Eccentric Delicacies – The Market

The first here is a hidden gem and rests in the city’s centre at the very end of Allister Miller Street. Filled with various traders with many unique items, the Mbabane market continuously and effortlessly attracts travellers whether local or internationally. Everything from handcrafts to thrifting, traditional herbs to organic fruits and vegetables this flea market caters for all. Something interesting to note during one’s visit here and is a group of men that always play cards and checkers all day. This attention-grabbing gathering doesn’t try so hard at being observed however they are not hard to miss. The interesting bit about everything is the conversation that takes place here. Always local updates and never the same topic. Silence as everyone goes about their own activity is also another thought-provoking moment.

Hand Crafted Truck – Image by Mainstream

Flex Café – They Brag Different

Leaving the city centre we’ll travel South, onto the Mhlambanyasti Road towards one of newest additions. Flex Café is located at Hilltop ajacent Mahwala and has been doing good since they opened at the beginning of this month. Another shisanyama area with a twist to their menu.

Easily accessable regardless of how one gets there- extra caution to our strollers. Travelling around the city isn’t much of a challenge since accessability to most areas has been made easy. Local Cab fair starts from as little as E50 then increases according to one’s destination away from town. Apart from that everything is a healthy walking distance from the last pplace you’ll visit. As you walk throught these streets please make sure to keep your mask over your nose and definitly recommand bringing your own pocket sanitizer.

Fun Town- It’s all in the name

Made popular through the tradition of monthly flea market gatherings, this kasi vibe shisanyama has brought many memories to the local residents and those visiting. Accompanied with great food, conversation and open area to bathe in the summer sun, is a game of pool and cold beverages.

The open space has since expanded over the years, upgrades through intimate gatherings and welcoming all on everyday basis it never shuts down. No really though.

African Giant – Zip Line through Sibebe

Spotting a new 300+ meter long zip-line, this city just got a new upgrade in activities. Sitting at an affordable price,it would be a terrible thing to not even attempt it. Not only is attached to a rock for safety measures, but it has been mentioned to simply just be the grandest view in the whole country. Might we add, Sibebe is also the second largest exposed rock IN THE WORLD-a true African giant in its own accord.

Disclaimer: The local curfew is still 2100h-0400h with strict restrictions and regulations. Many entertainment or social areas open around 0800h this giving time limit of only seven hours to move around, as yet. Do make the most of the allocated hours towards movement and be safe.