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What Do You Need to Apply for Your LGV Licence?

If you have a standard driving licence, you might believe that the process is exactly the same for getting an LGV licence. You might think, how different could it possibly be? You are right to a certain extent. Much of it is the same, but just more thorough and longer. For example, rather than one practical and one theory test, you will need to take 2 of each test, so 4 tests in total. Also, the application process for getting a provisional LGV class 2 licence is a bit different but overall the same.

Do I Need an LGV or HGV Licence?

Before we discuss what is needed to apply, there is an issue that we want to address first that we have seen many people appear to have related to applying for their LGV provisional licence – and that is what kind of licence should be applied for. You might see applications and documents for both an LGV licence and HGV licence and might get confused about which of these you need. However, the reality is, it doesn’t matter, since they are the same thing. LGV stands for either Light Goods Vehicle or Large Goods Vehicle and HGV is short for Heavy Goods Vehicle – you will need to have the same licence to drive either of them.

However, there are 2 forms that you will need to apply for your HGV licence.

D2 Form

A D2 form is the first form that you will need to obtain. It is the application form that needs to be filled in and then sent to the DVLA to apply for a provisional licence. This works in exactly the same way as applying for a standard provisional driving licence. Therefore, this should be a straightforward step to take. The D2 pack can be directly ordered from the DVLA, or it can be obtained from your training school. Filling in this form is very simple, and should only take about 10 minutes for you to complete. So this part of the process is quick and easy.

D4 Form

The D4 form is the second thing you will need. This form can be obtained from the DVLA as part of the D3 pack, or it can be downloaded separately at the GOV.UK website. It is the same form, so either way will work. However, if the form is directly downloaded from the government website you will be provided with some extra information and tips on how to fill in the form – which is always useful. Basically what you do is fill the first part of the D4 form in, and then take it to your doctor to have the second half filled in. You will be given a physical exam, and then the doctor will note any issues you have that must be considered. Then the form will be sent to the DVLA.

Does that mean you have 3 weeks before taking the next step? During this time before your licence arrives, you can do plenty of practising on your theory test. Since it is not necessary to have your licence in order to do that, you can get started ahead of time on the next phase of the process and perhaps even be prepared to take the test by the time your licence arrives by mail.

After both of the forms have been filled in, they can then be sent off to apply for the provisional licence. As long as there are no red flags or complications that arise in the process, either with your medical examination or your driving record, then your provisional LGV licence should arrive within 3 weeks by post.