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Bitcoin, TV, and HAM Radios: Overline Media Partners Blends Old and New for Digital Congress

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updated: Jan 2, 2021 21:00 EST

In Bitcoin’s founding document, its elusive author Satoshi Nakamoto writes, “What is required is an electronic payment process dependent on cryptographic proof instead of rely on, allowing for any two willing events to transact right with every single other with out the will need for a dependable third bash.” Like the money method, news media nowadays relies on trust. The trust that reporting will be good, have faith in that the reporter has performed their research, believe in that all news is protected and not just brushed apart below an agenda. Just as an successful money process relies on the truthful transfer of price, an efficient modern society depends on the truthful transfer of information and facts.

Overline Media Companions (OMP) has made a technologies named “Verified Viewer” to provide a new layer of integrity to news media whilst at the same time driving the mass adoption of blockchain technology, HAM radio, and community Tv set.

Media conglomerates employing Verified Viewer will turn the 121 million tv sets in the United States into mini gateways to the democratized world of blockchain technologies. Setting up as a special scannable QR code in the corner of a Television present, viewers could scan the QR code to mechanically gain digital rewards that act as proof they viewed a Television set demonstrate or reporter. For instance, a preferred determine in American politics could situation a digital coin which can be completely gained by watching the particular person stay on a specified show or job interview. “The coin alone starts as almost nothing far more than proof you viewed something, having said that that is just the start off,” says Overline know-how Director Craig Weisman. “Imagine how considerably extra powerful polling could be when you poll only provable viewers of a politician or influencer.”

Verified Viewer avoids the issue of buyers scanning codes numerous situations by making use of an algorithm that seamlessly intertwines unique mathematical proofs from cellular machine signals into Overline’s worldwide multichain network. “Over the last handful of yrs the Overline multichain has gone as a result of two iterations, keeping mainly underneath the radar as the integration with Verified Viewer and HAM radio was stress analyzed,” says Overline technologies Director Patrick McConlogue. “The votes in Congress is a form of poll which when manufactured digital ought to be immutable. The Overline local community and OMP are very pleased to make know-how even we are unable to change or censor. In influence, nothing at all can quit what is coming – and that’s a good factor.”

Overline Media Associates will current customer hardware to be offered in retail areas committed to spreading the mass adoption of blockchain technological know-how, HAM radio, and community Tv set in the Q1 of 2021. The subsequent section of OG1 will be unveiled Feb. 2, 2021.

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Source: OVERLINE MEDIA Companions