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Guest Blog: The Safe Flying Protocol (SFP): The Best & Smartest Way To Restart Travel

Unparalleled. Incredible. Incomprehensible. Extremely-Elaborate. Unrivalled. Sobering. We have exhausted the superlatives when it will come to describing, Covid-19, and its influence on the global journey marketplace.

So, what does the journey marketplace will need? In brief, a thorough, pragmatic, multi-layered, and adaptable overall health screening programme optimised for travellers and journey marketplace staff, primarily airport and airline personnel and airline travellers. Leaving the likelihood of a “spreader” on a flight is unacceptable. So, the SFP is a thorough system is built to make a safe overall health ring about the air transportation system and eradicate the possibility of a particular person with Covid from moving into an airport – enable on your own an plane – and likely danger infecting other people. What we will need is to get at the rear of a frequent established of concepts and develop momentum from there.


The financial devastation to the marketplace stemming from the virus has dwarfed just about anything viewed in prior financial downturns like following nine/eleven/2001. Nevertheless marketplace trade groups have proposed tips none are thorough ample, disregarding that travellers use several journey solutions in the course of a journey. At travel’s heart sits the air transportation system. It drives most global journey and major quantities of medium- and very long-haul domestic or regional journey. Currently it is down 92{46dd52bca0123ad67b2d1222819e83fd0a56e45ca5068239f05f0c514f1e20f9}. Organization journey is also down by a identical volume.

The marketplace faces 3 worries it ought to take responsibility for:

  • A) Making certain the safety of its travellers and staff.
  • B) Making certain the influence of its functions is not adverse on the communities it seeks to serve.
  • C) Working at favourable financial fee.

There is only a person way for the air transportation marketplace to attain these targets: Developing a globally-recognized Safe and sound Flying Protocol (SFP).  This is not a trivial physical exercise. Having consensus in the brief phrase will be extremely hard. Setting a design by illustrations of Green Lanes (or Bubbles, Corridors, Bridges and many others.) is useful and achievable. But we will need velocity and adoption.

An Overview Of The “Safe Flying Protocol”

The Safe and sound Flying Protocol is straight forward. It consist of several elements. The essential kinds involve:

  • Overall health condition level for each individual journey stage (A website traffic gentle or level system)
  • Travel bridges, corridors and bubbles for agreed inter-place arrangements
  • Identification and level-environment of absolutely everyone moving into the air transportation system
  • A “ring fence” for outbound, inbound, and connecting travellers and airline/airport personnel
  • A verifiable tests programme for travellers
  • Overall health passports based on the overall health stage of the origin group and airport

SFP can be effortlessly executed as current capabilities of stability and overall health exist. But they will need to be improved and up to date for Covid-19.

The Overall health Point out

SFP recommends the familiar, intuitive “traffic light” tiers of Green, Yellow, and Crimson to decide a person’s ability to function at the airport and, in for crew and travellers, to journey. Briefly:

  • Green: A particular person has no detectable trace of the virus and can show he or she has been vaccinated within the appropriate time tips. Men and women with Green status will be authorized to function at the airport and, for crew and travellers, board the plane.
  • Yellow: A particular person who has not detectable trace of the virus but requires a Covid check to confirm their overall health status.
  • Crimson: A particular person who demonstrates detectable traces of the virus, refuses to be examined, and refuses to be vaccinated. 

Observe: From
a useful and expedient issue of look at Degree two will probable be break up into two.
Yellow and Orange. This is what has been by now executed elsewhere but is
generally subjective. The right of self-willpower of the spot stays.
So, any place can (as they do currently) arbitrarily decide that the dangers
to their inbound exercise can be altered and required tests and if essential
levels of quarantine as it so decides.

The SFP will supply a dependable protocol to use at any airport. It will empower the development of interim journey “bridges” and “bubbles” until general public overall health authorities deem Covid no extended poses a threat to general public overall health in their precise jurisdiction. Its objective is to develop a “ring fence” for all airport and airline staff and all passenger outbound, inbound, and connecting crew and travellers. The SFP’s ingredient will involve:

  • A scaled and effortlessly comprehensible “health condition website traffic lights” at the start, end, and intermediary stops of the journey in all directions.
  • Certifiable cleanse airports.
  • Identification and level-environment of absolutely everyone moving into the air transportation system.
  • Mandatory contact tracing for all airline and airport staff and travellers.
  • A demonstrated certification programme for men and women to be exempt (either demonstrated immune or use of a verifiable, permitted vaccine). Inside this will be tests ahead of arrival at the airport for travellers, crew and airport staff.

The SFP’s levels are intended to supply full verifiable safety of the air transportation system on a authentic-time, dynamic foundation. Its aim is to assure passengers’ and airport and airline workers’ safety. At its main is a passenger who demands a Overall health Passport, a moveable instrument these as mobile app instrument built with the air transportation marketplace at its main, which will seize an individual’s pertinent overall health facts as it relates to air journey. Critically, the SFP is built so that any airport, any where, can make a secure “in,” “out” and “transit” (connecting) setting. This is a essential factor to ensuring each individual airport (or section thereof), when licensed, is a secure node both equally for its nearby group and within the bigger air transportation community.

Assessment Of The Safe and sound Flying Protocol

The Safe and sound Flying Protocol has six foundational needs. It ought to:

  1. Be safe.
  2. Integrate universal, dependable, and required identification and tests for all airline and airport staff, and for every single traveller.
  3. Be cost-effective.
  4. Be continual and permanent.
  5. Integrate agile and lively administration.
  6. Include negligible disruption to an airport’s day-to-day functions, infrastructure, administration, and spending budget.

At The Airport

The airport working experience will be considerably distinct.

To minimise wait occasions and the space essential for a waiting spot, it will be essential to use virus exams that can produce results within thirty-forty five minutes. Though waiting for their check results, men and women will be sequestered in a safe waiting spot. This signifies a challenge but is useful and attainable in most airport eventualities. Once much better speedier tests is designed readily available then that can minimize this time and complexity.

On the plane

For the financial viability of the airline marketplace, the quantity of travellers on a flight ought to be as full as attainable. The “as possible” means that if the travellers, crew and plane can be assumed to be secure then standard use of the plane as an financial asset ought to be the norm.

vaccines and mitigating therapies are created, and there will be many, the
Safe and sound Flying Protocol ought to recognize that distinct specifications can arise and
will implement. Yet again, the right of self-willpower will implement and a place can
decide on to take or not the vaccine of the distant place as staying sufficient
to allow bypassing the full stability protocols.

At the
heart of SFP is the ability to have the Air Transport Technique be secure for
travellers, crews and their communities. Allowing only secure “Green”
travellers, stops the unfold of the disease and will be a significant raise to global
trade. We cannot manage not to do it. Having started on a useful check in a
verifiable sandbox is an urgent crucial 1st action.


HENRY HARTEVELDT, Founder, Ambiance Investigate Group: Travel marketplace and purchaser analyst, researcher and co-founder of Ambiance Investigate Group, Henry Harteveldt is a journey marketplace believed chief, and organizations of every single stripe know that briefing him on the newest solution or development and receiving his opinions is a required merchandise on their to-do lists.  

TIMOTHY O’NEIL-DUNNE, Principal, 777 Associates: O’Neil-Dunne is an marketplace veteran with deep roots across the marketplace spectrum from advertisement company to retail, GDS and airways. He is a regular contributor to WIT and has been current at every single WIT World wide celebration. He retains many patents in the airline and journey area. Currently he is section of 777 Associates a diversified keeping company centered in Miami.

Featured image credit rating: Jesussanz/Getty Visuals