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Calgary Alberta Skyline

Planning Alberta Holidays {The Canadian Rockies}

Planning Alberta Holidays The Canadian Rockies

Planning Alberta Holidays The Canadian Rockies

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Planning Your Alberta Holidays & The Canadian Rockies

Start planning your Alberta Holidays and include – 🏔 The Canadian Rockies today!

Taking an Alberta holiday offers a little bit of Country and a little bit of City, enough to keep you and your family entertained for weeks!

Are considering a vacation to 🍁 Canada and looking at the 🐎 Province of Alberta as an option, but not sure what there is to see and do? ❓

Then have a closer look!

Alberta is where I was born and worked for a few years after finishing high school. 

Take it from me, there are plenty of attractions in Alberta to keep you happy. There’s simply way too many to list here, but here’s a glimpse of some of my favorite attractions in the Province of Alberta.

First, have a look at this – 🎥 Beautiful High Definition Video on Alberta Tourism.

Without a doubt, the best tourism video I have viewed in many years on travel. Be sure to turn your 🔊 speakers on!

Travel Alberta – Remember To Breathe YouTube Video

As you can see by this remarkable video, Alberta is a year round playground that’s filled with indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy.

A Few Facts About The Province Of Alberta Canada

Explore The Canadian Rockies On Your Alberta Holidays

Alberta is located in the western part of 🍁 Canada. With the Province situated next door to British Columbia on the west, and the Prairie Province of Saskatchewan to the east.

It is the fourth largest Province in Canada, so there’s plenty of open space and areas for you to discover. It’s spread out over 256,000 square miles with a population nearing 4 million.

Alberta Wild Rose

Alberta Wild Rose

Alberta is known as 🌹 Wild Rose Country, appropriately named after the prickly wild rose flower.

It is proudly displayed on their license plates. The climate is dry with beautiful warm temperatures in the summer and dry very cold winters.

Alberta Licence Plate

The famous 🏔 Rocky Mountains are in the western portion of the Province, situated less than 2 hours west of the 🐎 City of Calgary.

A vast Province filled with mountain regions, flat lands and beautiful farm country throughout.

For more detailed information on Alberta from; Wikipedia – Alberta.

There’s Plenty To See & Do In The Province Of Alberta

Stunning Lake Louise in Banff Alberta

Lake Louise Alberta Canada


Your Alberta Holidays Should Include Jasper & Banff

Let’s have look at a few of the more popular tourist attractions in this Province.

These include two of the largest cities in the Province. Perhaps the most popular region in the Province and most visited by tourists, are the mountain towns of Jasper and Banff, Alberta.

These two towns are located in the heart of 🏞 Alberta’s National Parks and the spectacular 🏔 Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The four hour drive north and south of Jasper and Banff, are perhaps the most beautiful scenery you will ever experience most anywhere else in the 🌎 world.

It’s no wonder why thousands of tourists visit this region year after year!

Banff Springs Hotel Alberta

You can find numerous accommodations in the Parks region, to suit most everyone’s taste and budget.

As well as Park 🏕 campgrounds for those wishing to spend their Alberta holidays camping. Camping is seasonal and for obvious reasons! 🌨

❄ Winters can be harsh and extremely cold in the Alberta Mountains! You can definitely enjoy all kinds of outdoor sports and activities both in ⛷ winter and 🚵 summer months.

There’s world renowned snow ⛷ skiing in Banff and other very popular locations, in the winter months.

Enjoy a new and safe off road paved 🚵 bike trail, taking you on a picturesque scenic journey from Banff to Canmore Alberta. 

Go horse-back riding, hiking, fishing, camping, mountain biking or whatever your heart desires within the 🏞 National Park.

One of our favorite things to do when visiting the region, is spending time at the wonderful – Natural Hot Springs Pools.

Alberta Holidays Travel Tourism Websites

Below, I’ve listed a few – Official Tourism websites for you to check out and assist in your travel planning.

🏔   Travel Alberta 

🏔   Banff Lake Louise National Park 

✈   Tourism Canmore Kananaskis   

🏔   Jasper Travel

🏞   Parks Canada (Miette Hot springs)


The World Famous Calgary Stampede

Rodeo Entertainment at the  Stampede

Calgary Stampede


Alberta Holidays & The City Of Calgary

Perhaps the most well-known and less than a 2 hour drive from Banff to the east, is the 🐎 City of Calgary. This is the largest city in the Province.

This is a sprawling metropolis and the gateway to the beautiful – Rocky Mountains.  A perfect place to begin or end your holidays in Alberta.

The City is famous for the annual world renowned – 🐴 Calgary Stampede. 

Each year for 10 days, the City comes alive! 

Enjoy world class rodeo competition, parades, midways, fireworks, pancake breakfasts, attractions and entertainment galore for the whole family to enjoy.

Calgary Alberta Skyline

Calgary Alberta Skyline

For more information on Calgary, visit their Official Tourism Website below.

Tourism Calgary logo

🐎   Visit Calgary

Visit The Beautiful City Of Edmonton

Edmonton is the – Capital City of Alberta and is located in the central part of the province, just 2 hours north of Calgary.

Edmonton is where I was born and spent the first few years of my life, before we moved to British Columbia. It’s a lovely city, with numerous attractions for you and your family to discover.

City of Edmonton Alberta

Edmonton Alberta Skyline

A very popular Alberta tourist attraction in Edmonton is the huge – 🏬 West Edmonton Mall.

Built entirely indoors, this is not just a shopping mall!

It houses one of the largest indoor 🌊 wave pools and water park to be found most anywhere, an indoor roller coaster, movie theaters and so much more.

You can spend days on end at this spectacular shopping mall and still not have seen everything. 😯

I’ve listed the official link to the 📖 West Edmonton Mall where you can access much more information.

This is an amazing facility that should not to be missed when visiting the city!

As well, Edmonton hosts its annual fair each summer, known as – ⚒ Klondike Days.

Alberta Holidays Must Include The Drumheller Dinosaur Museum

The Dinosaur Capital of the World

Drumheller Dinosaur Museum Alberta

Only a 90-minute drive from Calgary, is the town of Drumheller and the beautiful 🦕 Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum. 

This is by far, one of the most unique and best attractions in Alberta. It is a – Must See – attraction and museum!

This museum houses some of the biggest selections of actual dinosaur skeletons, found anywhere in the world!

Be sure to check out my most post and 📸 photos here, on Drumheller and the amazing 🦕 Royal Tyrrell Museum.

Alberta Holidays & The Canadian Badlands

Beautiful Hoodoos in the Badlands of Alberta

Canadian Badlands Hoodoos Alberta

Also known for this area surrounding the Town of Drumheller, is the Canadian Badlands.

This region offers some amazing historical sites, as well as a number of popular tourist attractions including;

✔ The Badlands Historical Museum;
✔ Tour an Old Coal Mine;
✔ The World’s Largest Dinosaur exhibit;
✔ Museums Galore;
✔ Art Galleries;
✔ Outdoor Summer Theaters;
✔ Horseshoe Canyon.

There is so much in this area alone, to keep you and your family entertained for days!

Canadian Badlands Alberta

I have included 2 very handy websites for you on Drumheller Alberta and the Tyrell Museum.

🦕   Tyrell Museum

🦕   Travel Drumheller 

 Canadian Badlands Travel Guide

I have also included a wonderful Canada Badlands website for more information and photos.

🦕   Canada Badlands

These are just a few of the major attractions that I recommend seeing when looking at things to do on your Alberta Holidays.

This Province is full of surprises and has something to offer most everyone year round.

Visit Alberta’s Museum’s

Old Abandoned Car Alberta Canada

A favorite among many tourists visiting Canada is to arrive and enjoy their  🌲 Holidays in British Columbia combined with the Province of Alberta. 

This is a favorite among many travelers and a great opportunity for you and your family to enjoy both amazing Provinces at the same time.

rocky mountaineer rail tours

For those looking for something extra special, there are some fantastic excursions departing from either Province as well.

So start planning your 🌹 Alberta Holidays today, for a wonderful memorable vacation!

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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